Features of the Metaland Metaverse

  • 2022-07-20 00:00:00

Under the slogan of NOT FAR, MORE FUN our project's everything is created in 3D. It aims to create a virtual world that looks like a reality and bring marketing and trade, services, all kinds of businesses and consumers closer.

Based on blockchain technology

Virtual land can be purchased, developed, sold or rented. This virtual land's quantity is non-incremental and will be traded as an NFT with a unique position.Place the NFT in your virtual land and decorate it with your desired design.

Currently available on mobile and PC, plus upcoming releases to VR and XBOX devices

Every individual can start a business.

Introduce real business, trade and services, and conduct events in the desired format

The products of the established store can be viewed in real 3D, purchased, and delivered to your home.

An operator can be placed in the field in the metaverse, and users can receive the necessary information from the virtual assistant from any place they want.

Metaland has mini-games and will be updated regularly with additional game development